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Anthony Kevin Cheetham
Anthony Cheetham ID2005.JPG
Nationality British
Fields Materials Science
Institutions Lincoln College, Oxford; University of California, Santa Barbara; Cambridge University
Alma mater St Catherine's College, Oxford; Wadham College, Oxford

Anthony Kevin Cheetham is a British materials scientist.

He was accepted into St Catherine's College, Oxford in 1965 to study chemistry, and graduated with a first class BA in 1969.[1] He started his doctorate at Wadham College, Oxford in the same year, preparing a dissertation on 'The Structures of some Non-stoichiometric Compounds', which he completed in 1971.[1] After receiving his doctorate he became a lecturer at Lincoln College, Oxford. In 1974 he became the Lecturer in Chemical Crystallography, and in 1990 he became Reader in Organic Materials. He moved to the United States a year later to take up a position as Professor of Materials and Chemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara, moving back to the United Kingdom in 2007 to become Goldsmiths' Professor of Materials Science at Cambridge University.[1]

His area of research is that of inorganic materials, involving their synthesis, characterization and application. He is working on the development of advanced methods for the chemical and structural characterization of polycrystalline materials and the application of the techniques to the study of zeolite catalysts, molecular sieves and optical materials.

Honours and awards[edit]


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