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Anthony Green
Background information
Also known as Skunk, Siren, Moshtradamus, Tony
Born (1982-04-15) April 15, 1982 (age 32)
Origin Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Indie rock, alternative rock, emo, progressive rock, math rock, post-hardcore, experimental rock
Occupations Singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar, bass
Years active 1997–present
Labels Break Even, Death Do Us Part, Stars & Satellites, Equal Vision, Photo Finish, Epitaph, Atlantic, Moshtradamus,
Associated acts Circa Survive, Saosin, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer, Audience of One, Jeer at Rome, Chino Moreno, Good Old War
Notable instruments
Acoustic guitar

Anthony Green (born April 15, 1982) is an American musician from Holland, PA. He is currently the lead singer of Circa Survive and Saosin, while also maintaining a solo career. He was previously in the bands The Sound of Animals Fighting, Audience of One, Jeer at Rome, High and Driving, and Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer.


Audience of One[edit]

Anthony Green's first band formed in 1997 while he was in high school with classmate and musician Tommy Dougherty (Junction 232). The band originally had Tommy on guitar and Anthony on bass and vocals. Eventually, they recruited drummer Evan Madden. Anthony wanted to name the band 'Saosin', but Tommy and Evan didn't like it. Before settling on the "Audience of One" name, they played a few shows under the name "Handsome Pete" in 1998 and one show under the name "The Bill Bixby Experience". Due to problems with Evan's availability to practice and play shows, they sought out a new drummer.

Anthony and Tommy switched bass and guitar duties. Anthony met drummer J.D. Foster (Makeshift/Yellow 5) at Days Away's first show in summer of 1998. J.D. tried out and musically they clicked right away. The band recorded an LP entitled, I Remember When This All Meant Something at Skylight Studio in the summer of 1999. It was released on Break Even Records on December 3, 1999.

During the summer of 2000, Greg Itzen (Carousel/Like Lions) was welcomed into the band as a second guitar player. As a four piece, they recorded a four song demo EP at Skylight Studio. That fall, two of the members went off to college and one enlisted in the military. Audience of One was deemed 'on hiatus'.

Jeer at Rome[edit]

From April 12–13, 2000, a four song demo EP for a hardcore/metal project called "Jeer At Rome" was recorded at Skylight Studio. The band was composed of Anthony Green (vocals), Steve Mensick (guitar), Mike Lepone (guitar), Chris Mensick (bass) and Luke Carmen (drums) The self-titled demo was released on compact disc. They played a handful of shows during the spring and summer of 2000, but apparently dissolved soon afterward.

Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer[edit]

Anthony sang on six songs on Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer's self-titled first album. The recordings took place mostly in 2000 and 2001 and were released in early 2002. At that time, the band consisted of Rachel Minton (vocals and keyboards), Anthony Green (vocals and backup vocals), Vince Ratti (guitar and keyboards), Bob Bonocore (vocals and bass) and Rick Delello (drums). Anthony and Zolof parted ways in early 2002 due to Anthony's need to "work some things out" in his personal life. They still remain good friends. One year later, Vince and Rachel helped Anthony record vocals over the Saosin instrumental demo recordings, then known as 'The Gift'. Two years later, Green contributed vocals to the Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer song "This Was All A Bad Idea" off of their album The Popsicle EP [2004]. In 2012, Rachel Minton contributed vocals to the song 'Suitcase' on Circa Survive's fourth album, "Violent Waves".

High & Driving[edit]

Anthony recorded a four-song EP in 2002 at Vince Ratti's Skylight Studio in Pennsylvania. He recorded most of the instruments himself except for drums and some keyboard parts. Tim Arnold of the band Days Away supplied the drums and Vince Ratti and Rachel Minton tracked some of the keyboard parts. The recording was shared on the internet since early 2004 and ended up being officially released on the deluxe version of Avalon on August 5, 2008.


Main article: Saosin

The original lineup of Saosin consisted of Anthony Green (vocals), Beau Burchell (guitar), Justin Shekoski (guitar), Zach Kennedy (bass) and Pat Magrath (drums). Their first album, an EP, consisting of 5 songs, was recorded in February and March 2003.[1] Pat Magrath was a studio musician just hired to play on the album. Alex Rodriguez was to assume the role of drummer, but he had obligations playing drums for the band Open Hand at the time. Chris Warner filled in on drums during early rehearsals. Zach Kennedy quit the band due to personal reasons. Chris Sorenson took the spot as bassist. Danny King replaced Chris Warner as drummer around the same time. The band released the EP Translating the Name on June 17, 2003.[2] It was an immediate underground success and was immensely popular on online forums and music sites. Preorders of the album came with a bonus CD containing two acoustic version of songs from the EP. During the summer tour in 2003, Alex Rodriguez finally took over as their drummer. Translating The Name (2003) has sold an estimated 62,000 copies as of 2008.[3] Green quit Saosin in mid-February 2004.

The Sound of Animals Fighting[edit]

Green was (from between 2004–2008) part of another side project with members of Finch, Rx Bandits, Days Away and Chiodos under the alias of The Skunk (each member of The Sound of Animals Fighting was equipped with an animal mask to hide their personas and give the band creative inspiration). Three studio albums were recorded during their time together, Tiger and the Duke (2004), Lover, the Lord Has Left Us... (2006) and The Ocean and the Sun (2008). They played four shows in August 2006 of which one was recorded for a live DVD and CD entitled, We Must Become the Change We Want to See (2007).

Circa Survive[edit]

Main article: Circa Survive

Immediately after quitting Saosin, Green founded Philadelphia-based Circa Survive, which signed with Equal Vision Records, this new project changing his musical vision from the post-hardcore ("screamo") scene to indie/experimental. Within a year, they had released a limited edition tour EP, The Inuit Sessions, and a full-length album, Juturna. They released their second album, On Letting Go, in May 2007. They parted ways with Equal Vision in August 2008. Their third album, Blue Sky Noise, was released in April 2010 on Atlantic Records. In November 2010, they released an EP called Appendage also on Atlantic Records. Their self-produced fourth album, Violent Waves, was released on August 28, 2012.[4]

Return to Saosin (2014)[edit]

It was announced on February 20, 2014 that Anthony Green would be reuniting with his former Band Saosin for the Skate and Surf festival on May 17, 2014. Currently there are no plans to record or tour, besides performing a few random shows.[5]

Anthony Green (Studio Albums/B-Sides/Remixes)[edit]

Avalon (2008)[edit]

Green announced his plans to record his first solo album in December 2007. Avalon was recorded at The Big House in Avalon, NJ between late February and early March 2008. Keith Goodwin, Dan Schwartz and Tim Arnold of the band Good Old War played various instruments on the album. Two music videos were shot before the album was released. "Dear Child (I've Been Dying To Reach You)" was shot on May 31, 2008 and released on July 23, 2008. "She Loves Me So" was shot in late July 2008 and released on December 15, 2008. Avalon was released on August 5, 2008, peaking at #44 on the Billboard 200 in the United States.[6] Anthony named the album after being inspired by his father. "my dad said you should call it avalon-"[7]

Jackie Haenn (2008)[edit]

On November 12, 2008, Green released a two song EP entitled, Jackie Haenn to help fund his cousin-in-law's medical transport fees after she was injured in a car accident on Halloween Night. The songs are B-sides recorded during the Avalon recording session.

Avalon [Remixes] (2008)[edit]

While Green was on the Avalon tour with three fifths of Circa Survive, Colin Frangicetto worked on his remixes of Avalon in Doylestown, PA. He used instrumentation and vocals from the original Avalon recording session but also recorded many new instruments and parts himself. He kept most of the song structures intact but the additional tracking makes it more of a 'reimagining' than a strict 'remix'. The remix album was released digitally on December 5, 2008. It was released as part of a preorder bundle for Avalon's first vinyl pressing. The physical compact disc of the remix album wasn't available until around January 20, 2009 when the vinyl bundles shipped.

Beautiful Things (2012)[edit]

Green announced the title of his second solo album as Beautiful Things in September 2009 while he and the rest of Circa Survive were in Toronto, Canada recording Blue Sky Noise. The album was mainly recorded in early January 2011 at The Big House in Avalon, NJ by producer Jason Cupp. Once again the members of Good Old War served as his backup band and helped shape the feel of the songs much more than for Avalon. The album title comes from the lyrics of a Good Old War song entitled "Lullaby" that Green adopted as his own. Anthony's version of "Lullaby" became the closing track of the album. The album was mixed at least seven times over the course of 2011. Green announced the release date on November 15, 2011. Beautiful Things was released on January 17, 2012, peaking at #27 on the Billboard 200 charts in the United States. A music video for the song "Get Yours While You Can" was shot in late November 2011 and released on January 31, 2012. This album also included many of his friends and idols such as Dave Davison of Maps and Atlases, Nate Ruess of Fun, Chino Moreno of Deftones, and Ida Maria to add some variety to his music.[8] Anthony Green describes "Beautiful Things as, "The whole album is sort of about people and the victories you have with them. When I decided on the title, I wasn't thinking of a concrete thing."[8]

Young Legs (2013)[edit]

Main article: Young Legs (album)

In the spring of 2011, before his second solo album was even complete, Green mentioned his desire to record and release a third solo album entitled 'Young Legs'. From May to June 2013, Green recorded 'Young Legs' at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA. Will Yip acted as producer, engineer, composer and performer. The band Good Old War once again joined him as his backing band, as well as, having a hand in the songs composition. On September 17, 2013, Green revealed the album's cover art, track list, release date, fall tour dates and released the first single entitled "Breaker". On October 22, 2013, the second single which is also the title track, "Young Legs" was released. The album was released on November 12, 2013, peaking at #67 on the Billboard 200 charts in the United States. 'Young Legs' contains eleven songs and the deluxe version of the album contains five demos. A music video for the song "Young Legs" was shot during the Beautiful Things tour in 2012 and was released on November 26, 2013.



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