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Anthony Lemke
Born Roger Anthony Lemke
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater

McGill University, Faculty of Law

University of Waterloo, Faculty of Arts
Years active 1997–present

Anthony Lemke is a Canadian actor. Lemke is best known for portraying Brian Becker on the hit CTV series "The Listener", now in its fifth season; Ryan Lambert on the Showcase series Lost Girl; Coach Gilday on the absurd college comedy Blue Mountain State, James Murphy, the son of Robocop in Robocop: Prime Directives,[1] and Capt. Grisham from the cult-hit TV series Queen of Swords. In Quebec he played "David Rothstein" on the multiple award-winning series Les Hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin.

Life and career[edit]

A fixture on Canadian screens, Lemke has a deep and diverse collection of credits to his name that span over 10 years as a leading actor in the Canadian film and television industry. 2014 continues the trend with Lemke returning to the hit TV Series The Listener to reprise his role from season 1, Brian Becker. Other recent starring turns include the mini-series event Exploding Sun[2] and the 2-hour TV movie pilot Still Life, based on the NY Times best-selling crime novel series The Armand Gamache Mysteries, by Louise Penny as well as lead roles in features and guest appearances in TV series.[3]

As one of the few actors of his generation to work both in English and French in Quebec, Lemke's work in French has "marked the soul"[4] of Quebec audiences, with regular and recurring roles totaling almost 30 episodes of television on some of Quebec's most popular, award-winning shows like Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin, Mirador, Mémoires Vives and 30 Vies. Add to that a growing list of Quebec feature films, including a leadrole in the award-winning psychological thriller Rouge Sang and Lemke is one of the most recognizable faces of English Canadian actors working in Quebec.

Lemke's ability to work on both sides of Canada's linguistic divide comes from attending school in French and English in his native Ottawa.[5] It's a skill he honed upon moving to Montreal to study law at the storied McGill University Faculty of Law, from which he graduated with Great Distinction in 2007.

After a brief stint at one of Canada's top law firms, Lemke returned to acting full-time with a starring role in the Gemini-nominated biopic A Life Interrupted.[6] Since then, Lemke has done it all: Series regular roles on critically acclaimed TV shows; lead roles in TV features and mini-series; an expanding CV of great roles in feature films, including Roland Emmerich's blockbuster White House Down, as well as numerous multiple episode arcs and guest star appearances.

Anthony lives in Montreal with his wife and 3 kids.[7]

Recent filmography[edit]

Actor (recent credits)[edit]


  • One Last Dance, 2009 (short film)


  • One Last Dance, 2009 (short film)


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