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A meeting of the Anti-Corn Law League in Exeter Hall in 1846

The Anti-Corn Law League was a successful political movement in Great Britain aimed at the abolition of the unpopular Corn Laws, which protected landowners’ interests by levying taxes on imported wheat, thus raising the price of bread at a time when factory-owners were trying to cut wages.

The League was founded in Leeds in 1838 by Richard Cobden and John Bright, with George Wilson as president, in charge of administrative duties. Joseph Ivimey, the Superintendent Registrar for St Pancras acted as the League's solicitor.

When abolition was achieved in 1846, the League dissolved itself.[1] Many of its members continued their political activism in the Liberal Party, with the goal of establishing a fully free-trade economy and thus decreasing the price of basic food products, enhancing the performance of agriculture and industry, and creating stronger commercial relations – supposedly the guarantors of peace – with other nations.

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