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The anti-Neoism movement can be viewed as a part of, or a response to, the Neoism movement in art.

The anti-neoist activation at BABOCO, in Paris, was the sixth in a series of fifteen activations sponsored by Edigio Álvaro and the Diagonale, espace critique collective. The exact date of this event was March 1, 1986. The activation of anti-neoism was communicated by tract and correspondence through the Mail Art Network for two weeks prior to the event.

Since 1988, Neoists have generally declared that anti-neoism was founded in Paris on January 3, 1986. This confusion was due to the date's notation, as it appeared on the invitation and poster: "01031986". North American Neoists had interpreted this to mean January 3, and had thought the poster for Activation 6 announced an "inaugural performance" of anti-neoism. It has never been clearly established whether the dating notation, commonly used by anti-neoists, was part of the Total Confusion Tactics used against North American Neoists.

The last known public neoist performance, also known as an anti-neoist activation, was presented during InterAzioni5: Rassegna Laboratorio Internazionale di Performing Arts Video e Installazioni, between October 6 and October 11, 1992, at the Centro Culturale DUE PALME, in Cagliari, Italy.

Then again, maybe the last known anti-neoist activation was the Anti-Neoist Rally that coincided with (or was part of) the 4th Secret Meeting of the 1st Non-Existent International Neoist Apartment Festival in the Year 000 on the streets of Adelaide, Australia on Friday, March 24, 2000 at 1PM (It's always 1PM in anti-neoism).


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