Anticulture Records

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Anticulture Records
Founded 2003
Distributor(s) Plastichead
Genre Heavy metal
Country of origin England
Location Northampton, England
Official website

Anticulture Records Ltd is a record label based in Northampton, England which deals mostly with heavy metal music.

The first release for Anticulture was Gutworm's 'Ruin The Memory' album in April 2004.


Past Artists[edit]

Current Releases[edit]

  • ACCD01 - Gutworm 'Ruin The Memory'
  • ACCD02 - The Inbreds 'Groove Drenched Warfare'
  • ACCD03 - Happy Face 'Le Tigre'
  • ACCD04 - The Final Sigh 'If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You're Part Of The Problem'
  • ACCD05 - Interlock 'Crisis//Reinvention'
  • ACCD06 - Miksha 'Collect Your Hazardous Waste'
  • ACCD07 - Zero Cipher 'Diary Of A Sadist'
  • ACCD08 - Kingsize Blues 'Live Fast & Die' EP
  • ACCD09 - ArnoCorps 'The Greatest Band Of All Time'
  • ACCD10 - Interlock 'Skinless Remixes' EP
  • ACCD11 - Tangaroa 'Day' EP
  • ACCD13 - Slit 'Ode To Silence'
  • ACCD14 - The Senseless 'The Realm Of The Senseless'
  • ACCD15 - Machinochrist 'Escape From Woolwich Arsenal'
  • ACCD17 - Malefice 'Entities'
  • ACCD18 - The Grieving Process 'Assimilated Deformation' EP
  • ACCD20 - Gutworm 'Disfigured Narcissus'
  • ACCD21 - Tangaroa 'One Hand For The Throat, One Hand For The Knife'
  • ACCD23 - Infected Malignity 'Re:bel' EP
  • ACCD24 - Corporation 187 'Newcomers Of Sin'
  • ACCD25 - Gloomy Grim 'Under The Spell Of The Unlight'
  • ACCD26 - Nailed 'Hatred, Failure & The Extinction Of Mankind'
  • ACCD27 - Reth 'Precursors To Extinction' EP
  • ACCD28 - Evisorax 'Enclave'

Forthcoming Releases[edit]

  • ACCDxx - ArnoCorps 'The Ballsy EP'

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