Antigua and Barbuda Premier Division

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Premier League
Country Antigua and Barbuda
Confederation CONCACAF
Founded 1968
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 1
Relegation to First Division
Domestic cup(s) FA Cup
International cup(s) CFU Club Championship
Current champions Parham FC
Most championships Empire FC (13 titles)
2014–15 Antigua and Barbuda Premier Division

The Antigua and Barbuda Premier Division, currently known as the Digicel/Red Stripe Premier Division for sponsorship purposes, is the top football league in Antigua and Barbuda excludes Antigua Barracuda FC.


It was created in 1968 and is headed by the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association. 10 teams participate in this league. The winner of the league qualifies for the following year's CFU Club Championship. The 9th- and 10th-placed teams are relegated to the Antigua and Barbuda First Division.

The championship is usually played between September and March.

Digicel and Observer Group Premier Division 2014/15[edit]

Previous winners[edit]

Season Winner Runner-up
1969 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1970 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1971 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1972 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1973 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1974/75 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1975/76 Supa Stars Unknown
1976/77 Supa Stars Unknown
1977/78 Five Islands Unknown
1978/79 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1979/82 Unknown
1983 Lion Hill Spliff (St. John's) Unknown
1983/84 Villa Lions (St. John's) Unknown
1984/85 Liberta Unknown
1985/86 Villa Lions (St. John's) Unknown
1986/87 Liberta Unknown
1987/88 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1988/89 SAP FC (Bolans) Unknown
1989/90 J & J Construction (Parham) Unknown
1990/91 Unknown
1991/92 Empire (Gray's Farm) Unknown
1992/93 Unknown
1993/94 Lion Hill Spliff (St. John's) Unknown
1994/95 English Harbour Unknown
1995/96 English Harbour Unknown
1996/97 English Harbour Unknown
1997/98 Empire (Gray's Farm) English Harbour
1998/99 Empire (Gray's Farm) Parham
1999/00 Empire (Gray's Farm) English Harbour
2000/01 Empire (Gray's Farm) Bassa (All Saint's)
2001/02 Parham Empire (Gray's Farm)
2002/03 Parham SAP FC (Bolans)
2003/04 Bassa (All Saint's) SAP FC (Bolans)
2004/05 Bassa (All Saint's) Hoppers (St. John's)
2005/06 SAP FC (Bolans) Hoppers (St. John's)
2006/07 Bassa (All Saint's) SAP FC (Bolans)
2007/08 Bassa (All Saint's) Hoppers (St. John's)
2008/09 SAP FC (Bolans) Hoppers (St. John's)
2009/10 Bassa (All Saint's) Old Road FC (Old Road)
2010/11 Parham Hoppers (St. John's)
2011/12 Old Road All Saints United
2012/13 Old Road Hoppers (St. John's)
2013/14 SAP FC (Bolans) Parham
2014/15 Parham Hoppers (St. John's)

Top scorers[edit]

Year Topscorer(s) Club(s) Goals
2000/01 Antigua and Barbuda Conrad “Boast” Whyte Empire 21
2001/02 Antigua and Barbuda Conrad “Boast” Whyte Empire 26
2002/03 Antigua and Barbuda Rackley Thomas SAP 20
2004/05 Antigua and Barbuda Peter Byers SAP 18
2006/07 Antigua and Barbuda Ranjae Christian Bassa 15
2008/09 Antigua and Barbuda Stefan Smith Old Road 17
2009/10 Antigua and Barbuda Kelly Frederick Hoppers 15

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