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Antioch (or Hillcrest Avenue) is a BART station under construction east of Pittsburg/Bay Point, the current terminus of the Pittsburg/Bay Point–SFO/Millbrae line. It will be located at Highway 4 and Hillcrest Avenue in Antioch, California, and is planned to open in 2016.[1]


It will be the eastern terminus of eBART, BART's first DMU line, which will extend from the Pittsburg/Bay Point station, passing through a future (infill) station at Pittsburg. Antioch Station will service the central area of Antioch in addition to this bedroom community's residents commuting to job centers in San Francisco and other areas.[1] It is also expected to attract passengers from Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, and Rio Vista, cities that were envisioned as part of the original extension but could not be included due to cost.[1] BART plans to eventually extend service south to Brentwood and if foreseeable upgrade the extension to full BART service while pushing the DMU portion further out.[1]

Security and staffing concerns[edit]

Preliminary designs called for a station without an agent present, nor restrooms or escalators.[2] This prompted outrage from the community and the plans were redesigned to add these features, however the station will only have one employee present at any given time, one agent or one maintenance worker at a time.[2] An extra police beat will be added.[2] This has caused concern among Antioch residents and the Antioch Police Department may have to cooperatively police the station.[2]

Transit connections[edit]

Local bus service will be provided by Tri-Delta Transit with reconfigured lines that currently feed BART. Rio Vista Delta Breeze commuter service to BART will run to this station instead of the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART terminal as it does currently and there may be commuter service from Stockton from the San Joaquin Regional Transit District

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