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Antoine d'Agata is a French photographer born in Marseille in 1961.


D'Agata left France in 1983 to start a series of travels. He studied photography at the International Center of Photography of New York in 1990, under the tutelage of Larry Clark and Nan Goldin.[1]

D'Agata's work deals with addiction, sex, personal obsessions, darkness, prostitution, and other topics widely considered taboo.[2]

In 2001 D'Agata won the Niépce Prize for young photographers.[3]

D'Agata has been a full member of Magnum Photos since 2008. He has published more than a dozen books and three films.

In 2009 Tommaso Lusena and Giuseppe Schillaci released a documentary film about D'Agata called The Cambodian Room: Situations with Antoine D'Agata.


  • 1998
    • Mala Noche, En Vue, France
    • De Mala Muerte, Paris: Le Point du Jour Editeur
  • 2001
    • Hometown, Paris: Le Point du Jour Editeur
    • Antoine d'Agata, Centro de Estudios Fotograficos, Spain
  • 2003
    • Insomnia, Marseille: Images en Manoeuvre Editions, 2003
    • Vortex, Éditions Atlantica, France
  • 2004
    • La Ville sans Nom, Paris: Le Point du Jour Editeur
    • Stigma, Images en Manoeuvre, France
  • 2005
    • Manifeste - Paris: Le Point du Jour Editeur
    • Psychogéographie - Paris: Le Point du Jour Editeur
  • 2014
    • "Antibodies" - UK/US: Prestel


2004: 1001 Nuits. Paris.


  • 2004: Le Ventre du Monde (The World's Belly)
  • 2005: El cielo del muerto (documentary short)
  • 2008: Aka Ana
  • 2012: Atlas


  • 1999
    • Forscher Fellowship Award, New York, USA
    • Bourse Villa Médicis, Hors les murs, France
    • First Prize, Festival des Jeunes Créateurs, Paris, France
  • 2001 - Prix Niepce, France
  • 2004 - The Higashikawa Overseas Prize, Japan


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