Antoine d'Estrées

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Antoine d'Estrées, Marquis of Cœuvres

In French history, Antoine d'Estrées was born around 1529 and died on May 11, 1609. He was Marquis of Coeuvres, vicomte of Soissons and of Bercy, Knight of the Order of Saint-Esprit (1578) and Knight of the Order of Saint-Michel (1578).

He was the son of Jean d'Estrées, Count of Orbec and Marquis of Cœuvres (1486–1571), and Catherine de Bourbon (around 1508 to around 1530). He married Françoise Babou de La Bourdaisière and had at least two children:

He was Grand Master of artillery of France from 1597 to 1599, under the reign of Henri IV.