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Antonín Kratochvíl (or Antonin Kratochvil; born 1947, Litoměřice, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech-born American photojournalist. He is a founding member of the VII Photo Agency. He received his BFA in Photography from Gerrit Rietveld Academie which is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Kratochvil has photographed a wide variety of subjects, including Mongolia's street children for the Museum of Natural History and the war in Iraq for Fortune Magazine. He has three sons – Michael Kratochvíl and Wayne Anthony Cooper Kratochvil who are also photographers.

Ecological Activism[edit]

Sarah K. Stanley has written an essay on Vanishing, a book by Antonin Kratochvil, calling it "a unique compilation of images by a photographer who is distinguished by his great sensitivity to the plight of humans beings and animal species seeking survival in endangered habitats." The book provides a view into 16 of the most desperate conditions on this earth, unveiling the most extreme forms of social and environmental degradation. Kratochvil spurns the pushiness of news coverage of these same issues, responding instead with images that are ephemeral occurrences he has encountered in everyday events. The stark black and white images never use sensational angles to exploit the pain of others; instead the book is a project in personal subjectivity and understatement. It is minute visual traces that tend to capture Kratochvil notice: Gorilla tracks found in the bush about illegal poaching (Congo), the shadow of leafless trees extending crippled limbs over a mining site (Guyana), tank treads and fleeing Iraqis (Basra).[1]

Awards and Grants[edit]

He has received numerous grants and awards for his photography, most recently the 2005 Lucie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Photojournalism and the 2005 Golden Light Award for Best Documentary Book.


  • 1991 Infinity Award: Photojournalist of the Year
  • 1994 Leica Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Photography
  • 1994 Dorothy Lange Prize
  • 1994 Ernst Haas Working Grant
  • 1995 Hasselblad Foundation Grant for Photography
  • 1995 Ernst Haas Award
  • 1997 Gold Medal for Photography from Society of Publishing Designers
  • 1997 First Prize, World Press Photo Portrait Series, Amsterdam.
  • 1997 (Eissie) Alfred Eisenstadt Award for 3Eyewitness Essay2 Life Magazine.


  • 2000 Gold ARC Award for Best Annual Report, NGO Category, for Rockefeller Foundation 1999 Annual Report.
  • 2003 First Prize World Press Photo Amsterdam (2 awards same year)
  • Medal from the City of Prague for Photography
  • 2005 Lucie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Photojournalism
  • 2005 Golden Light Award for Best Documentary Book for the book Vanishing


He has released five books.

  • Broken Dream: 20 Years of War in Eastern Europe (1997)
  • Antonin Kratochvil (2003)
  • Incognito (2001)
  • Supravvivere (2001)
  • Vanishing (2005)


  1. ^ Stanley, Sarah K. (Sep 2005). "First Day of Remorse". Afterimage. 

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