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Antonia Sautter is an Italian period costume designer and stylist based in Venice, Italy. She is well known for her costumes and for being the creator and organizer of Il Ballo del Doge, the costume ball held each year during the Carnival of Venice in Palazzo Pisani Moretta on the Grand Canal in Venice.[1]

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Antonia Sautter at Il Ballo del Doge 2010 - Seven Dreams 7 Seven Sins

Period costume designer[edit]

Antonia Sautter started her career in fashion at a very young age and she has worked in prestigious fashion houses and companies in the US. When she returned to Venice she decided to open her own Atelier in Venice and start her own fashion line Fashion Venetia. Her extensive knowledge of the history of costumes and fabrics together with her promotion and use of traditional Venetian crafts make her Atelier of costumes truly unique. While her spectacular costumes are extremely sought-after particularly during the Carnival period and her works have been used in theatrical and film productions, most notably in Jean Louis Guillermou's "Antonio Vivaldi, un Prince à Venise” (France, 2006) starring Michel Serrault and Stefano Dionisi.

Il Ballo del Doge[edit]

In 1994 Antonia started her annual masquerade ball, Il Ballo del Doge, initially as a showcase for her marvellous costumes. Over the years the sumptuousness of the event and the stunning performances by singers, dancers, musicians, acrobats and other performers have attracted royalty, politicians, business people and ordinary guests from all over the world.

Antonia Sautter's Atelier of costumes

Fashion creation[edit]

AS Creations & Events is the umbrella name covering all of Antonia Sautter’s business activities, from her fashion line Fashion Venetia and her line of home furnishings to the organisation of corporate events and private parties for some of the most important cultural organisations, international companies, public and private individuals.


In three boutiques situated just behind Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark's Square) in Venice, Antonia Sautter sells her fashion creations – Fashion Venetia, hand dyed and hand printed silk velvet fabrics, shoes and bags, and home furnishings all following traditional Venetian artisan methods. The boutiques also sell masks (traditional Venetian masks), bronzes, lost wax sculptures, carousels, music boxes and marionettes.

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