Antonio Calcagni

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Antonio Calcagni (Recanati, 1538–1593) is an Italian sculptor of the Renaissance period.

He apprenticed with Girolamo Lombardo in Recanati, where he completed a statue of Pope Gregory XIII (1574) started by Ludovico Lombardi and Ascoli. He also completed a statue of the poet Annibale Caro in bronze. He also completed bronze reliefs for the Basilica of Loreto. He collaborated with a younger Tiburzio Vergelli. He designed the monumental entry doors to the church of Loreto, but these were completed by his nephew Tarquinio Jacometti and his pupil Sebastiano Sebastiani.


  • Monument to Cardinal Niccolò Caetani di Sermoneta (1580) Basilica, Loreto
  • Bronze relief of Deposition, Basilica, Massilla Chapel, Loreto
  • Medallion depicting Barbara Massilla, Basilica, Massilla Chapel, Loreto
  • Depiction of Father Dantini, Church of Sant'Agostino, Recanati
  • Virgin and child, Villa Coloredo Mels, Recanati
  • Monument to Pope Sixtus V (1587), Piazzale della Basilica, Loreto
  • Monument in bronze of Agostino Filago (1592), Basilica, Loreto
  • Monumental South door, Basilica, Loreto