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Doña Mariana and Don Antonio Coronel, from a photo published in the Overland Monthly in 1895

Antonio Francisco Coronel (October 21, 1817 Mexico City – April 17, 1894) served as the fourth mayor of Los Angeles from 1853 to 1854.


Antonio Francisco Coronel was the son of Ygnacio Coronel. Antonio Coronel was 17 years of age when he came to California with his parents in 1834, as a part of the Híjar-Padrés Colony. In 1838, he was appointed Assistant Secretary of Tribunals for the City of Los Angeles. And in 1843, he became Justice of the Peace (Juez de Paz, the equivalent of Mayor at that time). During the Mexican-American War in 1846-47, Antonio served as a Captain and Sergeant-at-arms in the Mexican Artillery and took part in military operations against the United States. Once the war had ended, Antonio Coronel served as the first Los Angeles County Assessor in 1850 - 1856. In 1853, Coronel became Mayor of Los Angeles. Coronel served as a city councilman (1854–1867)[1] and as California State Treasurer (1867–1871). In 1873, Coronel married Mariana Williamson.[2] His donated collection made the basis for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.[3] Antonio Coronel became the owner of Rancho Los Feliz.[4]


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