Antonio Flores Jijón

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Antonio Flores

Juan Antonio María Flores y Jijón de Vivanco (23 October 1833 – 30 August 1915) was President of Ecuador 17 August 1888 to 30 June 1892. He was a member of the Progressive Party, a Liberal Catholic party.

Antonio Flores was born in Quito at Carondelet Palace (the presidential residence) while his father, General Juan José Flores, presided over the nation. His mother was Mercedes Jijón de Vivanco y Chiriboga, daughter of the Count of Casa Jijón, member of one of Quito's old aristocratic families. During the first presidency of Gabriel García Moreno, Flores was an ambassador in Paris, London, and Washington. He died in Geneva, Switzerland. He was married to Leonor Ruiz de Apodaca y García-Tienza, a native of Cuba. His vicepresident and predecessor was Pedro José Cevallos.


Preceded by
Pedro José Cevallos
President of Ecuador
Succeeded by
Luis Cordero