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The Antonio de Noli Academic Society is an international, non-profit research organization founded in 2009 at Serra Riccò (Province of Genoa, Italy) by descendants of the Genoese navigator Antonio de Noli—the first discoverer of Cape Verde Islands and the first European Colonial Governor in Sub-Saharan Africa. The initiative was further supported in 2010 by the Embassy of the Republic of Cape Verde to Italy, and by the City Councils of Noli (Savona) and Serra Riccò (Genova). The aims of the international research society were based on an interdisciplinary scope of "biographical, geographic-historical, naval-historical, military-historical, archaeological, genealogical, social-anthropological, and sociological studies around the discoveries of Antonio de Noli – the Genoese navigator and discoverer of Cape Verde Islands - and the societies and institutions which ensued in the aftermath of the discoveries in which he participated".[1] The Antonio de Noli Academic Society was officially inaugurated in the City of Serra Riccò in June 2010 in a public ceremony[2] led by representatives of the Province of Genoa, the Ambassador of the Republic of Cape Verde to Italy Dr Jose Eduardo Barbosa, the Mayor of Serra Riccò, Dott. Andrea Torre, the founder of the society Prof. Marcello Ferrada de Noli, and Cultural Adviser of Serra Riccò Tomaso Richini. The society organized its first international research-conference in the City of Noli, in the province of Savona, in September 2010. The event named "Da Noli a Capo Verde" ("From Noli to Cape Verde")[3] was sponsored by the Region of Liguria, the Municipality of Noli and the Cultural Foundation San Antonio, and was inaugurated by the Major of the city, Ambrogio Repetto.[4] The research findings presented at the 2010 Conference originated the publication of a book with the same title edited by the Fondazione Culturale Sant'Antonio of the City of Noli.[5] The society publishes also a Research Bulletin on-line [6] and maintains an on-line Archive with historical documents based on ancient manuscripts discovered by researchers at the society in Italy, the Republic of Cape Verde and Portugal (See Antonio de Noli). In 2012 the society's main location was moved to the City of Noli, in the province of Savona.

Current President of the society is Prof. Dr. Lourenço Gomes, professor of history at the University of Cape Verde. Past-president 2012-2013 was prof. and author Alberto Peluffo,[7] formerly the Deputy Mayor of the City of Noli. At a meeting of the Board of Directors on the 5th of July 2012, the founder of the society Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli was "voted unanimously to be a Lifetime Honorary President of the Antonio de Noli Academic Society".[8]

The Board of Directors[edit]

Prof. Alberto Peluffo (Fondazione Culturale Sant'Antonio); Formerly Vice-Mayor of the City of Noli, Province of Liguria. President

Dott. Marcel Balla (M.A. Boston University). Historian. Acting Vice-President

Professor Trevor Hall Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University), Historian (USA, Jamaica)

Mayor Emeritus Tomaso Richini, currently Cultural Adviser at the City Council of Serra Riccò (Genoa)

Professor Lourenço Gomes (University of Cape Verde), Historian

Dott. Andrea Torre (Genoa – Serra Riccò) Historian and Mayor of Serra Riccò, Province of Genoa

Cap. Vasco Pires (Boston, USA), author

Honorary Members of the Board:

Professor Emeritus Marcello Ferrada de Noli Ph.D. (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden); Professor Corradino Astengo, Dott. (University of Genoa), professor of Cartography History at the University of Genoa.

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