Yeonsung University

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Yeonsung University
Hangul 연성대학교
Hanja 硏成大學校
Revised Romanization Yeonsung University
McCune–Reischauer Yeonsung University

Yeonsung University, is a college in Manan-gu, Anyang City, Gyeonggi province, South Korea. It opened its doors on March 15, 1977, as Anyang Industrial Technical School. It was officially designated a technical junior college in 1979. The school includes scientific faculties of electronic communications, computer information, industrial design, technology management, environmental engineering, interior construction; domestic faculties of hotel culinary management and fashion design; social service faculties of early childhood education, physical education, social welfare, English, tourism Chinese, and liberal arts. The campus covers 202,000 m², and also hosts a library and research institutes of industrial design, construction technology, Surface Mount Technology automation, and sports science. Its name was changed to Yeonsung University in 2012.

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