Anything Else Than Air

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Anything Else Than Air
Directed by Carlos Hernández Vázquez
Produced by Erik Mariñelarena
Written by Carlos Hernández Vázquez
Starring Gabriel Nájera
Maribel Villegas
Music by Triciclo Circus Band
Cinematography Jesús Nagore
Oswaldo Toledano
Edited by Ana Laura Calderón
Release dates
  • March 2010 (2010-03) (Guadalajara)
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Anything Else Than Air (Spanish: De puro aire) is a Mexican film documentary that plans to release in theaters in the autumn of 2012 in Mexico. The film is directed by Mexican director Carlos Hernández Vázquez and produced by E Corp Studio in association with Media Mac,[1] and was shot in high definition digital cinema.


Gabriel Nájera aka "El Apenas" (65 y.o.) has been selling balloons 24 hours a day for 25 years in a Mexico Cityʼs small park. He promised his wife, go back to home when ensure their children's all the way to the university. Even he has achieved his objective, he refuse to return home.[2]


  • Gabriel Nájera aka "El Apenas"
  • Maribel Villegas, Gabriel's wife.
  • Gabriel Nájera Villegas, son.
  • Maribel Nájera Villegas, daughter.



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