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Anzovin Studio (pronounced: aan-zuh-vin) is a Massachusetts-based animation studio and software development company. Anzovin Studio creates content for distribution across all media platforms.

Founded by Steve and Raf Anzovin in 1999, Anzovin Studio provides cinematic animation, motion graphics, game asset production and advanced animation software for Autodesk Maya. Their products include The Setup Machine, The Face Machine, Anzovin Breakdown Tool, Anzovin Onion Skinner and their latest addition, The Setup Machine for Games.


The Setup Machine[edit]

The Setup Machine 2(TSM2) is a character-based auto-rigging plug-in for Autodesk Maya. Created in 2005 by Raf Anzovin and Anzovin Studio's Development Team, TSM installs a high-quality animation rig — the controls that enable efficient manipulation of a 3D character — into any character model, as well as providing basic automated skin weighting. TSM uses a widget-based system to identify a character's surface to install a pre-made rig with high-level controls to deform a 3D character.

The Setup Machine for Games (TSMG), was released in 2014. TSMG is like TSM2 but provides an easier-to-use, higher-quality widget system that stores position information before and after creating the rig, faster auto-weighting algorithms and allows animated joints to be baked down for export to game engines.

The Face Machine[edit]

The Face Machine(TFM) is a facial auto-rigging plugin for Autodesk Maya. Created in 2008 by Raf Anzovin and Anzovin Studio's Development Team, TFM installs an easy-to-use facial animation rig. TFM also uses a widget-based system and uses intelligent point weighting to identify a character's facial surface and installs a pre-made rig with high-level conrols to deform a 3D modeled face. TFM supports box controls and direct controls. Anzovin's free plug-in, Anzovin Rig Nodes, allows rigs generated by TFM to be used on any Maya license.

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