Aodh (given name)

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The name means "fire".
Gender Masculine
Language(s) Old Irish
Meaning "fire"
Other names
Pet form(s) Ádhán, Aedán
Derivative(s) Aodh (Ir, SG)

Aodh /ˈ/, or Áed, is an Irish and Scottish word of Indo-European origin, equivalent to fire in English.[1] Aodh and its many variants is used today in the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages as a given name for both sexes (though feminine forms are less varied and less common), and in even more variants as a family name. As a family name, the root or a variant may be prefixed by O or Ó (meaning from) or Mac or Mc (meaning son of). The masculine given name Hugh has been used as an anglicised form of Aodh, although the names are entirely etymologically unrelated.[2] It is also the name of a Celtic sun god. A pet form of Áed is Ádhán. A modern Irish form of Ádhán is Aodhán. An older form of Aodhán is Aedán. The name Aodhagán is a double diminutive of Aodh, and a more modern Irish form of Aodhagán is Aogán.[2] An Anglicised form of Aedán is Aidan. Variant forms of this Anglicised name are Edan, Aedan, and Aiden.[2] Feminine forms of the name are 'Aodhnait' and 'Aodhamair'.

People with the name[edit]

Aodhagan, Aodhagán, Aodhán, Aogán[3]

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  1. ^ The modern word aodh meaning 'inflammation' or as a phrase with the Irish word for 'itch' (tochas), giving aodh thochais, 'burning itch' or 'urtication' - (Foclóir Gaeilg-Béarla, eds Tomás de Bhaldraithe, Niall Ó Dónaill, Dublin 1977), is clearly cognate with the original meaning.
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  3. ^ All are /ˌ.əˈɡɔːn/ or /ˈɡɔːn/. The spelling Aogán reflects the loss of the light dha syllable, pronounced [ə], but the o may be reinterpreted as [ə] even in that spellinɡ.