Apache Pro-Wrestling Army

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Apache Pro-Wrestling
Founded 2004 [1]
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan [1]
Founder(s) Go Ito & Kintaro Kanemura[1]

Kintaro Kanemura (2010 - today)[1]

Takashi Sasaki (2008 - 2009)

Go Ito & Kintaro Kanemura (2004 - 2008)

Apache Pro-Wrestling (Apache Army) is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion established in 2004.[1]


Apache was founded by Go Ito & Kintaro Kanemura in 2004. Their first event was on August 30, the main event was a six man tag team match which had Ichiro Yaguchi, Riki Choshu & Tomohiro Ishii defeating BADBOY Hido, Dick Togo & Kintaro Kanemura.

The first WEW Heavyweight Champion was Togi Makabe on August 1, 2006 Apache would hold a tournament to see which tag team would become the first WEW Tag Team Champions. In the final BADBOY Hido & Takashi Sasaki defeated Jun Kasai & Tetsuhiro Kuroda. The Winger would win Apache's first and only Death Match Tournament. Takashi Sasaki & The Winger would win WEW Provisional Tag Team Title Tournament

August 8, 2009 would see Apache's last event for over a year. Apache would return however on December 17, 2010.



  • Daisuke Yamauchi (Announcer)




Championship Current champion(s) Date won
WEW Heavyweight Championship Kintaro Kanemura September 1, 2013
WEW Tag Team Championship Ryoji Sai and Tetsuhiro Kuroda September 7, 2014


Championship: Final champion(s): Date won:
Apache Opendivision Championship Tsuyoshi Kikuchi April 28, 2011