Apartment 255

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Apartment 255
Bunty Avieson - Apartment 255.jpeg
Author Bunty Avieson
Country Australia
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Macmillan, Australia
Publication date
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 292 pp
ISBN ISBN 978-0-7329-1100-3
OCLC 155503760
Followed by The Affair

Apartment 255 is a 2001 Ned Kelly Award winning novel by the Australian author Bunty Avieson.


'Apartment 255' is the story of two best friends since school - Sarah and Ginny - who are, at the time of the book's telling, adults. Things are depicted as much better for Sarah - who has a boyfriend Tom with whom she shares a stunning inner-city apartment. But things have not worked out so well for Ginny who wanted Tom, and didn't get him. She wants what Sarah has, and moves into an apartment overlooking Sarah and Tom's flat to stalk them.


  • Ned Kelly Awards for Crime Writing, Best First Novel Award, 2002: joint winner