Apartment Wife: Adulterous Passion

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Apartment Wife: Adulterous Passion
Apartment Wife Adulterous Passion.jpg
Theatrical poster for Apartment Wife: Adulterous Passion (2000)
Directed by Toshiki Satō[1]
Written by Masahiro Kobayashi
Starring Yumika Hayashi
Music by Isao Yamada
Cinematography Yasuhito Hironaka
Edited by Naoki Kanako
Distributed by Kokuei
Release dates
January 28, 2000
Running time
68 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Apartment Wife: Adulterous Passion (団地妻 不倫でラブラブ Danchi-zuma: furin de rabu rabu?) is a 2000 Japanese pink film directed by Toshiki Satō. It won the Best Film, 8th Place prize at the Pink Grand Prix ceremony and was the winner of the first P-1 Grand-Prix.[2][3]


  • Yumika Hayashi[1]
  • Yuki Yokohama (横浜ゆき)
  • Takeshi Itō (伊藤猛)
  • Kikujirō Honda (本多菊雄)
  • Kinako Satō (さとう樹菜子)
  • Yōta Kawase (川瀬陽太)


The "Apartment Wife" theme in Pink cinema was started by Nikkatsu with their first film in the Roman Porno line, Apartment Wife: Affair In the Afternoon (1971). Independent pink film studios began making their own "Apartment Wife" films, and in the 1990s, Toshiki Satō became closely associated with the genre, marking the films with his style and making the series his own. Besides Apartment Wife: Adulterous Passion, other "Apartment Wife" films by Satō include Apartment Wife: Midday Adultery (1997), New Apartment Wife: Adultery is the Taste of Honey (Only for Tonight) (1999), and Apartment Wife: Moans from Next Door (2000).[4]

In 2000, with the leadership of director Mitsuru Meike, the pink film community organized a showcase to feature their films. Planned to be a yearly event, the competition was called the P-1 Grand-Prix. Apartment Wife: Adulterous Passion was the winner of the first of these events.[3]


Apartment Wife: Adulterous Passion was released theatrically on January 28, 2000.[5] It was released on DVD in Japan on October 25, 2002, both as a single release and as part of a box-set, volume 1, of the works of director Toshiki Satō.[6][7]



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