Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat

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Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat: Friends 4 Lyf and Death
Directed by Wenn V. Deramas
Starring Rufa Mae Quinto
Candy Pangilinan
Eugene Domingo
Editing by Marya Ignacio
Distributed by Viva Films
Release dates 2007
Country Philippines
Language Tagalog

Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat: Friends 4 Lyf and Death is a Philippine comedy film, focusing on friendship between four friends.


Four women named Res (Candy Pangilinan), Gay (Pokwang), Dolly (Eugene Domingo) and Brite (Ruffa Mae Quinto) who swore to be friends forever, become domestic helpers when they go over to another country. However, Res is beaten to death by her employers (Vice Ganda and Rychard Everly), making the other three worry because her husband gave her one condition if she comes with her friends: that she comes home safe, sound and alive. Brite, Gay and Dolly decide to bring their dead friend Res home.


  • Rufa Mae Quinto Maria Liwanag 'Brite' Diliman
  • Eugene Domingo Maria Dalisay 'Dolly' Dalton
  • Candy Pangilinan Maria Resurrection 'Res' Macabuhay †
  • Pokwang Maria Ligaya 'Gay' Kalungkutan
  • John Lapus Sugar
  • DJ Durano Totoy Bato Bato Pick
  • Dick Israel Kapt. Kadyo Macapagal
  • Marissa Delgado KGD Maxima
  • Christian Vasquez Braulio
  • Ashley Gruenberg Joy ( Sister of Brite )
  • Chester Nolledo Johnny Boy
  • Andrew Schimmer Greggy Boy
  • Vince Saldaña as Junior
  • Kiray Celis as Lily
  • Emil Sandoval as Lito
  • Rycharde Everley as Res Employer / Marcus Antonius / Hitler / Peron / Spanish soldier / Man of the future
  • Kian Kazemi as Ambet
  • Vice Ganda as Res' Employer
  • Madam Auring as Patient
  • Kaye Villaseuor as Mistress of Christian Vasquez
  • Nicole Dulalia as Young Maria Resurrection 'Res' Macabuhay
  • Queenie Limson as Young Maria Liwanag 'Brite' Diliman
  • Ryzza Dauz as Young Maria Ligaya 'Gay' Katakutan
  • Jennel Marie Mariano as Young Maria Dalisay 'Dolly' Dalton
  • Tony Hunt as German Employer
  • Chista Reyes as Candy's daughter
  • Nicole Blasco as Jenny
  • Michael Young as Rufa's employer
  • Marina as Rufa's employer
  • Alvin Gabito as Principal
  • Tim Haten as Indian Employer
  • Mariam Narissam as Indian Employer
  • Lailan Gabrhin as Indian Employer
  • Roderick Lindayag as Immigration Officer (as Dick Lindayag)
  • Kathy de la Cruz as Passenger
  • Arianna Everley as German Child
  • Angelo as Angelo

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