Apetina Airstrip

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Apetina Airstrip
Airport type Public
Operator Luchtvaartdienst Suriname
Location Apetina, Suriname
Coordinates 3°30′06″N 55°03′41″W / 3.5017°N 55.0614°W / 3.5017; -55.0614Coordinates: 3°30′06″N 55°03′41″W / 3.5017°N 55.0614°W / 3.5017; -55.0614
SMPT is located in Suriname
Location in Suriname

Apetina Airstrip (ICAO: SMPT) (Also called Apetina kondre airstrip) is an airstrip located near the village Apetina (Also called Apetina Kondre) in Suriname.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

Airlines serving this airport are:

Airlines Destinations
Blue Wing Airlines Paramaribo, Zorg en Hoop Airport[1]
Caricom Airways Paramaribo, Zorg en Hoop Airport[2]
Gum Air Paramaribo, Zorg en Hoop Airport[3]
Hi-Jet Helicopter Services Paramaribo, Zorg en Hoop Airport
Suriname Air Force / Surinaamse Luchtmacht Paramaribo, Zorg en Hoop Airport

Accidents and incidents[edit]

  • Suriname On 25 September 1986 a Cessna U206G Stationair 6, registration PZ-TAC from Gonini Air Service was hijacked at Apetina kondre airstrip by rebels of the "Jungle Commando" of Ronnie Brunswijk. The pilot (O. van Amson jr.) was forced to fly the aircraft to an unknown location. In May 1988 the airplane was at the Botopasi Airstrip in Suriname with a flat tire; apparently at that time in use by the jungle commando. The aircraft never returned to the owner and was canceled from the Surinamese Aviation register in 1993. [4]


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