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Apollo is a Greek and Roman god of music, healing, light, prophecy and enlightenment.

Apollo may also refer to:


  • Apollo, the ancient Greek name for the planet Mercury, when observed just before dawn as a morning star
  • Apollo asteroids, a type of asteroids




  • Parnassius, a genus of swallowtail butterflies commonly known as the Apollos; in particular
    • Parnassius apollo, a Parnassius butterfly found in Europe commonly known as the Apollo
    • Parnassius autocrator, a Parnassius butterfly found in Afghanistan and Tajikistan also commonly known as the Apollo
  • Great Dane (dog breed), commonly referred to as the "Apollo of all breeds", owing to its giant size
  • Apollo (horse) (1879–1887), an American Thoroughbred racehorse
  • Appollo (dog) (1992–2006), a German Shepherd search and rescue dog

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  • Apollo, a scent variety of Axe
  • Brand used by Idemitsu Kosan for various oil and gasoline products
  • Apollo, a brand name used by the Accles & Pollock company for steel golf club shafts
  • Apollo, a store brand of bicycles sold in Halfords


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