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Apollo Smile (born Paula Apollo Anne Scharf on February 16, 1967 in New York City) is a pop music songwriter, singer[1] and voice actress. Among her earliest efforts was a track on the Tom Cruise film Days of Thunder and a self-titled 1991 album. Later on, she billed herself as The Live Action Anime Girl and was invited to several science fiction conventions as a guest. Her convention appearances usually showcased music concerts featuring her original upbeat music and demonstrations of her martial arts abilities. Her typical look during this time was skin-tight spandex clothing, with her blonde hair in pigtails tied off with pink bows.

Smile hosted Sci-Fi Channel's Anime Week in the summer of 1998. Other projects included a self-published comic book featuring herself as the central character and the voice of Ulala in the Space Channel 5 video game series. She also toured for a short while with the Virginia "Atari" band Rockbot.[2]She later was listed among the staff at The Dance Corner dancing school in Killingworth, Connecticut.[citation needed]


Apollo Smile (1991)[edit]

  • "Thunderbox"
  • "Dune Buggy"
  • "I Want You To Love Me"
  • "Love Comes Your Way"
  • "Theme For All Nations"
  • "Friends"
  • "Hymn To The Sun"
  • "Temple Of Love"
  • "Peace"
  • "Theme (Reprise)"
  • "Dune Buggy (Bonus Remix)"

Dune Buggy (Promo CD Single) (1991)[edit]

Dune Buggy CD Single Cover.
CD single cover for Apollo Smile's Dune Buggy.
  • "Dune Buggy (Remix/Edit)"
  • "Dune Buggy (Remix/Edit without Vocal Breakdown)"
  • "Dune Buggy (LP Version)"
  • "Dune Buggy (Full Drivin' Mix)"
  • Remixes by Shep Pettibone

Wrecking Ball (1997)[edit]

  • "Smile"
  • "Sunshine Slayer"
  • "Superball"
  • "TF2000"
  • "Love Comes Your Way"
  • "Aim High Get Down"
  • "Love Slave"
  • "Tired Wings"
  • "Shorty's Theme"
  • "Girl's Got Rhythm"
  • "Humble"
  • "Thanks From Apollo"

Love Kisses And Grenades (1999)[edit]

  • "Battle Cry"
  • "Hikigane"
  • "Feelin' Groovy"
  • "Purrr..."
  • "Last Stand in Discoland"
  • "Tite Pants"
  • "Rainbow Rider"
  • "T.S.T."
  • "Trigger Finger"
  • "Call Me"
  • "Going Back"
  • "Live Wire"
  • "Hikigane - Joe 90 Mix"
  • "Lets Rock"

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