Apoorva Raagangal

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Apoorva Raagangal
Apoorva Raagangal poster.jpg
Official poster
Directed by K. Balachander
Produced by V. Govindarajan
J. Duraisamy
Written by K. Balachander
Starring Kamal Haasan
Major Sundarrajan
Music by M. S. Viswanathan
Cinematography B. S. Lokanath
Edited by N. R. Kittu
Kalakendra Movies
Distributed by Kalakendra Movies
Release dates 18 August 1975
Running time 146 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Apoorva Raagangal (Rare Melodies) is a 1975 Indian Tamil social drama film directed by K. Balachander. The film was controversial upon release as it examines relationships between people with wide age gaps, which challenged Indian social mores.[1][2] It won three National Film Awards and three Filmfare Awards South.[3] It was later remade by Balachander into Hindi as Ek Nai Paheli with Kamal Haasan and Hema Malini in the main lead.[3] The film marked the debut of Rajinikanth.[4][5] Apoorva Raagangal released on 18 August 1975 and was a success.[3] It is dubbed into Telugu as Mondi Gatam. It is also remade into Telugu as Thoorpu Padamara.


Prasanna (Kamal Haasan) is nursed back to health by a classical singer Bhairavi (Srividya) after a bloody street-side fight. The two are slowly drawn to each other and decide to marry in spite of their age difference and a past relationship that Bhairavi is still inextricably tied to. In the meantime, Prasanna's father (Major Sundararajan) embarks on a relationship with the young Ranjini (Jayasudha). We soon find out that Ranjini is Bhiaravi's daughter (born to her out of wedlock). Both relationships arrive at a dilemma with an unexpected twist when Bhairavi's long-lost husband (Rajinikanth) comes into picture.



The music for the film is scored by M. S. Viswanathan and lyrics by Kannadasan.[6]

Song Singers Duration (mm:ss)
"Athisaya Raagam" K. J. Yesudas 04:15
"Ezhu Swarangalukkul" Vani Jayaram 5:36
"Kai Kotti Siripaargal" Siak Mohammed 2:54
"Kelviyin Nayagane" Vani Jayaram, Sasi Rekha 6:44

Critical reception[edit]

Apoorva Ragangal received widespread critical acclaim. On 22 August 1975, The Hindu said: "K. Balachander has contributed a unique story, dialogues and superb direction in Kala Kendra's Apoorva Ragangal. A film with a revolutionary offbeat theme it provides poetic experience."[7]

In 2011, after Balachander had been given the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, Rediff named the film one of Balachander's best and wrote, "Many filmmakers of that time would have hesitated to touch a subject like this, particularly at a time when relationships were still being gingerly tested on celluloid. But not K Balachander".[8] In 2003, Rediff wrote, "In an era where every other moviemaker claims to have come up with a daring, original, premise, this 28-year-old film is worth remembering. A trademark K Balachander film, this was the first to showcase Kamal’s histrionic abilities".[9]


23rd National Film Awards
Filmfare Awards South


This film was remade in Hindi as Ek Nai Paheli Starring Raaj Kumar, Hema Malini, Kamal Haasan & Padmini Kolhapure and was a success.


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