Apostolic Missionary Training Institute

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Apostolic Missionary Training Institute
Established 1943–1953 (Merger with FGBI)
President R. E. S. Toms
Location Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Affiliations ACOP

AMTI was founded in 1943 responding to the need in the Apostolic Church of Pentecost (ACOP) for a missionary and pastoral training center.[1] The inaugural year saw a class of 23 students and by the spring term of 1948 there were 70 students attending AMTI.[2] Although AMTI was an autonomously governed organization it did not have its own campus, the school was located in the Saskatoon Apostolic Church.[citation needed]

In 1949 the ACOP and the Evangelical Churches of Pentecost began the process of amalgamating the two Pentecostal fellowships.[3] Coincidentally both Fellowships had a missionary and training center, it was decided however that it would benefit both fellowships if the bible schools also amalgamated. This process began in 1949 and the two schools officially came together on 8 October 1953. It was decided that the Apostolic Missionary Training Institute would dissolve and become part of the Full Gospel Bible Institute based in Eston Saskatchewan. Students from AMTI in the winter of 1954 started classes at the Full Gospel Bible Institute under the leadership of Dr. G. S. McLean.[4]


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