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App, apps or APP may refer to:





  • Acute-phase protein, a class of proteins whose concentration changes in response to inflammation
  • Amyloid precursor protein, a protein whose fragments are associated with Alzheimer's disease and other neurological disorders
  • Advanced Practice Provider, or Mid-level practitioner, are a class of healthcare providers with more training and responsibility than registered nurses and less than physicians


Political parties[edit]

Railway codes[edit]


People with surname[edit]

  • Apps family, a Canadian dynasty of ice hockey players:
  • Alfred Apps, Canadian lawyer
  • Austin App (1902–1984), a German-American academic and Holocaust denier
  • Deon Apps (born 1987), Australian rugby league player
  • Geoff Apps (born 1949), English mountain bike pioneer
  • Roy Apps (born 1951), British screenwriter, dramatist and children’s author
  • Timothy App (born 1948), an American painter
  • Urs App (born 1949), a Swiss academic

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