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AppScale Systems Logo.png
Developer(s) Navraj Chohan, Meni Vaitsi, Chandra Krintz, Graziano Obertelli, et al.
Initial release 1.0 2009-03-07
Stable release 2.3.1 / 22 April 2015 (2015-04-22)
Written in Python, Ruby, Java, Go, PHP,
Operating system Linux
Type Cloud computing
License Apache 2.0

AppScale is an open-source cloud computing platform that automatically deploys and scales unmodified Google App Engine applications over public and private cloud systems, as well as on-premise clusters.[1] AppScale is modeled on the App Engine APIs and has support for Python, Go, PHP and Java applications.[2]

The goal of AppScale is to provide developers with a rapid, API-driven development platform that can run applications on any cloud infrastructure.[3] AppScale decouples app logic from its service ecosystem to give developers and cloud administrators unprecedented control over app deployment, data storage, resource use, backup and migration.[4]

AppScale is developed and maintained by AppScale Systems, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, California and Google.[5]


AppScale began as a research project at the University of California, Santa Barbara Computer Science Department under the supervision of Professor Chandra Krintz.[6] The project was originally funded by the NSF, with additional funding from Google, IBM and NIH. In 2012, co-founders Dr. Chandra Krintz, Chief Scientist, Dr. Navraj Chohan, Development Lead, and Woody Rollins, CEO founded AppScale Systems to commercialize the private PaaS AppScale technology. Rollins, a pioneer in private cloud infrastructure, was a co-founder and former CEO of Eucalyptus Systems.[7] In 2014, Graziano Obertelli joined AppScale as VP of Operations from Eucalyptus Systems, where he was a co-founder.

In April 2014, AppScale Systems was named a 2014 Cool Vendor in PaaS by Gartner, Inc.[8] In September 2014, AppScale Systems won a Bossie Award from InfoWorld for best open source data center and cloud software[9]

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