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Apple Bottoms is a fashion and lifestyle brand for women launched in 2003 by rap artist Nelly, Yomi Martin and Ian Kelly. The brand was initially a denim label, but has since expanded to include other women's and girl's clothing, perfume and accessories.

Apple Bottom is a brand of apparel designed by the rapper Nelly. The brand is referenced in various rap songs, including Twista's "Overnight Celebrity", MC Jin's "36-24-36 (Applebottom Jeans)", DaCav5's "Tetris" and Flo Rida's Low. The term is also used in the songs "Tip Drill" and "Paradise" by Nelly, in the Eminem single, "Shake That" and in "Lee Majors Come Again" by the Beastie Boys.

In 2004, Oprah appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show wearing a pair of Apple Bottoms jeans, though it was censored due to its violation of Entertainment Law. She included them in her annual "Oprah's Favorite Things" list.


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