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Apple Color Emoji
OS X mini character palette showing Emoji emoticons.png
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Commissioned by Apple Inc.
Also known as Emoji

Apple Color Emoji is a color typeface used by iOS and OS X to provide support for the Unicode emoji characters first used in Japanese mobile phones and more recently in other devices globally.[1] Instead of a black & white outline, the typeface has full color images for each of the 889 glyphs it supports.


Prior to iOS 5 SoftBank encoding was used for encoding emoji on Apple devices. Beginning with iOS 5, emoji are encoded using the Unicode standard.[2] Emoji glyphs are stored as PNG images,[3] at two resolutions using a proprietary "sbix" table.[4]

Color emoji glyphs were also included in the release of Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system as part of the Segoe UI Emoji font using Unicode-encoded uncolored base vector glyphs and additional color vector glyph layers.[3]

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