Apple Springs, Texas

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Apple Springs
Unincorporated community
Apple Springs is located in Texas
Apple Springs
Apple Springs
Location within the state of Texas
Coordinates: 31°13′25″N 94°57′59″W / 31.22361°N 94.96639°W / 31.22361; -94.96639Coordinates: 31°13′25″N 94°57′59″W / 31.22361°N 94.96639°W / 31.22361; -94.96639
Country United States
State Texas
County Trinity
Time zone Central (CST) (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)

Apple Springs is a small unincorporated community in Trinity County, Texas, United States. The town was founded shortly after the Civil War as May Apple Springs. The town rose to a population of 285 in 1965, and then progressively declined to about 130 people, with nine business, in the 1990s.


Apple Springs is home to Apple Springs Independent School District. The district has two schools, Apple Springs Elementary School (pre-kindergarten to grade 6) and Apple Springs High School (grades 7 to 12), with approximately 140-165 students. In 2004-2005, the school district received an "Academically Acceptable" rating from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). In 2002, Apple Springs High School was recognized by Texas Monthly one of the top ten high schools in Texas in its economic group, based on ranking by the National Center for Educational Accountability.


Trinity County history began in 1852 when Jonathon Roach left his wife Mary Boone Roach and their children at Sumpter, Texas while he captained river boats on the Trinity River. Although he died 2 years later, Mary stayed there until their boys returned from the Civil War. Unable to bear the reconstruction, they moved to the deep woods of North Cedar near Burketown. One of their sons, Thomas was knowledgeable about medicine and could tell time day or night without a watch. He was a good farmer and acquired enough land to provide "extras" for his family.

Around 1900, the Southern Pine Lumber Co. built a train road from Diboll into North Cedar and built 2 camps along the road. One of these camps was near some natural springs that were surrounded by May Apple Bushes (a name give to Bois D'Arc trees). The area came to be known as May Apple Springs (When a post office opened in 1884 the name was shortened to Apple Springs). The camps were self-contained units with stores, blacksmith shops, and ice houses.

When the camp closed in WWI, they sold the section houses and house cars to "locals". The Apple Springs Telephone Co was formed by William Warren and later purchased by Burr Roach. His brother owned a store and sent 6 of his 7 children to college. Several local boys served in WWI and, upon their return, prohibition came making moonshine brewing and bootlegging commonplace. In fact, North Cedar on a Mason Jur meant as much as "four roses" on a bottle. During this time, schools held box suppers, churches held "preachings" and singing schools. People with large houses held dances. Henry Hrville was the most popular "caller" of the square dances and started his calls with "Partners in you places like horses in their traces - if I live a hundred year, I hope I die a-pullin' in the gear!" WWII brought more changes as people found work away from the land, but money was still scarce. Many people said they couldn't tell much change from The Depression.


Population = 1179 Median Age = 39.5 years Median Household Income = $30,873 Percentage of Single Households = 39.5% Percentage of Married Households = 60.5% Percentage Families (households with children)= 19.9% Average Household Size = 2.43 people Percentage College or Better = 6.4% Percentage White Collar = 29.8% Neighborhood type = Rural Population = 1175 Pop. density = 10.2 Percent male = 47.9% Percent female = 52.1% Avg. income per capita = $14,167


Violent crime risk index = 5.0 Property crime risk index = 4.0


Median home value = $71,600 Median age of homes = 27.0 Home appreciation = 3.8% Percent owning home = 70.6% Percent renting home = 9.2% Percent homes vacant = 20.3% Percent commuting by bus = 0.4% Percent commuting by carpool = 16.3% Percent commuting by auto = 79.1% Percent working at home = 3.5%


High school graduates = 74.1% College degree - 2 year = 2.5% College degree - 4 year = 4.0% Graduate degree = 2.5% Expenditures per student = $6,504 Students per teacher = 10.3 Students per librarian = n/a Students per guidance counselor = 243


Unemployment rate = 5.6%

Recent Job Growth = 0.3%

Future Job Growth = 15.0%

Sales tax = 6.917%

Income tax = 0.0%

Cost of living index = 74


Air quality = 76.0

Watershed quality = 60.0

Physicians per capita = 21.2

Health cost index = 90.7

Superfund site index = 99.0

UV index = 5.9


Altitude = 76

Rainfall (inches annually) = 49.3

Snowfall (inches annually) = 0.3

January avg. low temp. = 37.3

July avg. high temp. = 94.6

Days of precipitation annually = 105

Days mostly sunny annually = 205

Comfort index = 23.0