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Two designs of iPod earphones. The second generation is shown on the left. The third generation is shown on the right.
Third-generation earbuds, which shipped with the third-generation iPod shuffle.
Earbuds that shipped with the second generation iPod touch.
Apple EarPods

Apple earbuds are the iconic[1][2] white earphones that ship with all music players and smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc.


Basic earbuds[edit]

The basic earbuds have no controls. They ship with all iPods except the fifth-generation iPod touch and iPod nano which are shipped with the newer Apple EarPods made in Taiwan rather than Japan.

The third generation can be identified by the white border around the speaker and the left and right markings on the front (rather than on the back).

Earbuds with remote[edit]

Same as standard ones, except they also feature a built-in remote. They shipped only with the third-generation iPod shuffle.

Earbuds with remote and mic[edit]

Shipped with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, the third-generation iPod touch, and independently.

Apple In-Ear Headphones[edit]

Apple In-Ear Headphones[3][4][5] (introduced on September 9, 2008, revised on September 12, 2012) are only sold independently. Like the regular earbuds they have a remote control and microphone built-in. They are made available as the high-end earbud offering with dual drivers, advertised as "engineered for superior acoustic accuracy, balance, and clarity".[4]

Apple EarPods[edit]

Apple EarPods[6] (introduced on September 12, 2012) first shipped with the iPhone 5 and feature a remote control and microphone. They also ship with the fifth-generation iPod touch (without mic) and the seventh-generation iPod nano (without mic). They are also sold independently for a price of $29.00 USD.[6]

All but the basic earbuds have control capsules allowing users to adjust volume, control music and video playback and take pictures with Camera application, located on the cable of the right earpiece; those "with Remote and Mic" also include a microphone for phone calls and voice control of certain devices. Users can adjust volume, control music and video playback (play/pause and next/previous,) and record voice memos on supported iPod and iPhone models and Mac computers. There have been many reports of moisture problems with the remote/mic earbuds.[7] The original iPhone and iPhone 3G came with the iPhone Stereo Headset, a push-button and microphone on the right side of the headphones (there is no volume control, and only limited control of calls). Apple EarPods are compatible with iPhone 3GS and onwards, iPod Touch 2nd generation and onwards and all models of the iPad and iPad mini. Requires iOS 2.2 and onwards for iOS devices and it's however not compatible with the iPhone 3G or the original iPhone and the iPod touch (1st generation)due to sounding problems. It's also compatible with most android devices and computers. The iPhone 5, 5C, 5S come with a carrying case while the iPod Touch (5th generation) and iPod Nano (7th generation) don't come with a carrying case because it lacks remote and mic.

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