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"Apples and Bananas" or "Oopples and Boo-noo-noos"[1] is a traditional[2] North American children's song that plays with the vowels of words. The first verse usually begins unaltered:

I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.
I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.

The following verses replace most or all vowels with one given vowel sound, usually each of the long vowels sounds of ⟨a⟩ (/eɪ/), ⟨e⟩ (/iː/), ⟨i⟩ (/aɪ/), ⟨o⟩ (/oʊ/), and ⟨u⟩ (/uː/), although potentially any English vowel can be used. For example:

Raffi, a Canadian musician, released a version of the song on his album One Light, One Sun (1985). Raffi's version only changed the vowels in "eat", "apples", and the last 2 syllables of "bananas". The song was described as one of several "old favorites" by the Ottawa Citizen in 1984.[3]

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