Appley Bridge meteorite

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Appley Bridge meteorite
Type Iron meteorite
Country England
Region Appley Bridge, Lancashire
Observed fall Yes
Fall date 1914-10-13
TKW 33 pounds (15 kg)

The Appley Bridge meteorite is a meteorite that hit ground in Appley Bridge, Lancashire, England at around 8.45 on Tuesday evening of October 13, 1914.[1]

After the local residents were treated to a sudden and spectacular illumination of the night sky, the meteorite was subsequently found in a farmer's field in the village the following day. Found just 18 inches (460 mm) below the surface of the field, with the appearance of burnt iron the small rock weighed almost 33 pounds (15 kg).

An article in the "Scientific News" (No. 2588, Oct 30th 1914) stated "a small fragment which had been detached from the larger mass was put on view in a shop-window at Appley Bridge."


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