April 2002

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April 4, 2002[edit]

April 5, 2002[edit]

April 6, 2002[edit]

April 7, 2002[edit]

April 11, 2002[edit]

  • Ten nations deposit their ratifications for the International Criminal Court at a United Nations ceremony, bringing the total to 66, well above the 60 needed to bring the Statute into force. The ICC will therefore come into force on 1 July 2002.
  • More than half a million people march on the streets of Caracas protesting against the Venezuelan government.
  • An empty American Airlines jet parked outside a hangar at Los Angeles International Airport trolls through a fence before coming to a stop on a service road.

April 12, 2002[edit]

April 14, 2002[edit]

April 18, 2002[edit]

  • A small aircraft crashes on the Pirelli building in Milan, Italy, killing two women.

April 21, 2002[edit]

April 23, 2002[edit]

Pope John Paul II meets with American cardinals at the Vatican through April 24 regarding sexual abuse of children by priests and religious workers.

April 25, 2002[edit]

Singer/rapper Lisa Lopes, better known as "Left Eye" of the group TLC, dies in a car accident in Honduras.

April 26, 2002[edit]

  • In Erfurt, Germany, a nineteen-year-old runs amok at his high school, killing 13 teachers, two other pupils, a police officer and himself. The event sparks a discussion about stricter weapons laws in Germany, and about banning violent computer games and movies.

April 28, 2002[edit]