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Aprilia RXV/SXV 4.5-5.5
Manufacturer Aprilia
Production 2007–
Class Off road enduro (RXV)
Dual sport supermoto (SXV)
Engine RXV/SXV 4.5: 449 cc twin-cylinder 77° v-twin dry sump water-cooled four-stroke with 12.5:1 compression ratio. RXV/SXV 5.5: 549 cc twin-cylinder 77° v-twin dry sump water-cooled four-stroke with 12:1 compression ratio.

RXV/SXV 4.5: 60 bhp claimed crank hp. RXV/SXV 5.5: 70 bhp claimed crank hp.

SXV 4.5 measured, dynojet: 54.3 djhp at 11000 rpm.

SXV 5.5, measured, dynojet: 65.9 djhp at 10900 rpm.
Torque NA
Transmission 5-speed manual with separate gearbox lubrication, final chain drive
Suspension Front: 48 mm upside down fork with two adjustments. Rear: hydraulic monoshock with compression and rebound adjustment.
Brakes double oversize disc, wave rotors
Tires 120/70 x 17 inches, 180/55 x 17 inches
Wheelbase 1495 mm (58.86 inches)
Dimensions L 2222 mm (87.4 inches)
W 800 mm (31.5 inches)
H 1300.5 mm (51.2 inches)
Seat height 918 mm (36.1 inches)
Weight 268 lb (122 kg) (dry)
NA (wet)
Fuel capacity 7.8 liters (2.0 gallons)

The RXV/SXV series are four-stroke, v-twin off road (RXV) or dual sport supermoto (SXV) motorcycles produced by Aprilia since 2006. Both versions have either 449 cc (27.4 cu in) or 549 cc (33.5 cu in) engine sizes.


The RXV/SXV's frame is made of a combination of tubular steel and aluminum plates. The compact engine fits into the frame in such a way that the air filter sits on top of the engine, below the gas tank, rather than the more traditional under-the-seat location.[1] This allows for a lower distribution of weight.


The RXV/SXV has a v-twin engine, and is one of the first off-road motorcycles to feature fuel injection. The 4.5 has a displacement of 449 cc, while the 5.5 has a displacement of 549 cc. Each engine has a single-overhead-cam and four valves per cylinder. The 77-degree cylinder angle minimizes vibration.[1] Both are dry sump, with a separate oil tank for the gearbox and engine.

The 4.5 produces a claimed 60 horsepower (45 kW) at the crank, while the 5.5 produces a claimed 70.[1][2]


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