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General information
Manufacturer SpaceQuest, Ltd.
Country of origin United States
Bus Aprize
Applications ship, containers, trucks identification and tracking
Orbit regimes LEO
Operator SpaceQuest, Ltd., LatinSat, ExactEarth, SpaceQuest
Lifetime 10 years
Status Operational
Built 12
Launched 12
First launch 20 December 2002
Last launch 19 June 2014
Typical spacecraft
Average mass 13 kg
Volume 0.015 m3
Power 7.7 W minimal
Equipment omnidirectional UHF radio
X Axis 250 mm
Y Axis 250 mm
Z Axis 250 mm

AprizeSat is a American micro-satellite satellite platform of LEO communication satellite. It is marketed as low-cost solution, with claimed cost 1.2 mln USD per satellite, if 48-satellites constellaton would be deployed.[1] But only total of 12 launches of Aprize bus was claimed.[2]

Launch history[edit]

Satellite name Launch date Status
LatinSat 1 2002/12/20 Operational[citation needed]
LatinSat 2 2002/12/20 Operational[citation needed]
LatinSat C (AprizeSat 1) 2004/06/29 Operational[citation needed]
LatinSat D (AprizeSat 2) 2004/06/29 Operational[citation needed]
AprizeSat-3 2009/07/29 Operational[citation needed]
AprizeSat-4 2009/07/29 Operational[citation needed]
AprizeSat-5 2011/08/17 Operational
AprizeSat-6 2011/08/17 Operational
AprizeSat-7 2013/11/21 Operational
AprizeSat-8 2013/11/21 Operational
AprizeSat 9 2014/06/19 Operational
AprizeSat 10 2014/06/19 Operational