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Founder Rahul Powar
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Website www.apsmart.mobi

Apsmart is a London-based mobile innovation company who work with startups and established brands that are looking to drive innovation via unique mobile solutions. Their primary offering is consultancy, design and development services.[1]

They also develop their own products and are currently working on their first release, a music application called MPme.


Apsmart was founded in 2009 by Rahul Powar, the creator of the original Shazam iPhone application, which is now installed on over 100 million handsets worldwide. He has collected together a team who have deep experience in finance, telecommunications, FMCG, technology, entertainment, arts & travel and a Board composed of some of the most experienced and respected executives in the industry.[2]

The Apsmart team consists of:[3]

  • Rahul Powar - Founder and CEO
  • David Costa Faidella - Head of Development
  • Daniel Lewington - Head of Strategy and User Experience
  • Deepak Prabhakara - Senior Mobile Developer

In December 2009, Apsmart received an undisclosed amount of funding from DN Capital.[4]

On 8 June 2012, Apsmart was acquired by Thomson Reuters.[5]


MPme is Apsmart’s first in-house product release. It is a curated internet radio service that listens to thousands of radio stations in real-time and uses that data plus the users music library, listening habits and those of the users friends to recommend which stations will be great for the user. It then allows the user to listen to them.

Apsmart launched MPme for iPad on January 24, 2012.[6] The iPhone app launched in December, 2012.[7] Android and Facebook versions of the application are set to release in 2013.