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Apu (Finnish for "help") is a Finnish weekly family magazine. It was founded in 1933 by Finnish publisher A-lehdet(fi). As of 2009, its current editor-in-chief is Matti Saari.[1] In 2007, it had a certified readership of 683000[1] and a circulation of 215525[1] copies. Apu is known for its columns, an anecdote column called "Nitrodisko", its crosswords, and the weekly "Missä Jallu luuraa?" (Where is Jallu hiding?).


Apu was the first magazine[2] of Finnish publisher A-lehdet(fi), now a large publishing group with a portfolio of 18[2] magazines. It was founded in 1933[1][2] during a recession to help the unemployed persons, who were its exclusive[2] resellers, hence its name meaning "help"[2] in Finnish. The founder and first editor-in-chief was Yrjö Lyytikäinen.[2]


Notable editors have included, alphabetically:

Notable columnists have included:


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