Apu (magazine)

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Categories Family magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 160,277 (2011)
Publisher A-lehdet
Year founded 1933; 81 years ago (1933)
Country Finland
Based in Helsinki
Language Finnish

Apu (Finnish for "help") is a Finnish weekly family magazine. The magazine is known for its columns, an anecdote column called "Nitrodisko", its crosswords, and the weekly "Missä Jallu luuraa?" (Where is Jallu hiding?).

History and profile[edit]

Apu was founded in 1933 by Finnish publisher A-lehdet.[1] It was the first magazine[2] of Finnish publisher A-lehdet, now a large publishing group with a portfolio of 18 magazines.[2] It was founded during a recession to help the unemployed persons, who were its exclusive resellers, hence its name meaning "help"[2] in Finnish. The founder and first editor-in-chief was Yrjö Lyytikäinen.[2] The magazine is based in Helsinki.[3]

In 2007, it had a certified readership of 683,000 and a circulation of 215,525 copies.[1] The 2010 circulation of the magazine was 168,780 copies.[4] The 2011 circulation of the weekly was 160,277 copies.[5]

As of 2009, its current editor-in-chief was Matti Saari.[1]


Notable editors have included, alphabetically:

Notable columnists have included:


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