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Ilo Aqua Scooter

The Aqua scooter was first invented and successfully used in 1967 by East German chemical engineer Bernd Boettger in attempt to escape the country by water.

Early testing[edit]

His first attempt failed and resulted in a three month prison sentence which was shortened due to his key industry position. His second attempt was successful a year later in September 1968. When news of it broke in European news sources, an executive at Rockwell International read about it and became interested. He called a West German subsidiary of the company that gave Boettger the opportunity to begin work on a commercial version of his Aqua scooter. In 1974, Rockwell International halted production and development of the aqua scooter, but the machine's concept refused to die. In 1978, James Taylor brought it to the United States where he formed AquaScooter Inc. By the end of January that same year, the first commercial Aqua scooter was successfully tested.


The first machine was able to pull a man through and below the waters surface for five hours at up to 3 mph. The second version had a fiberglass tank, a 1 12 horsepower scooter engine, a propeller and a snorkel fed breathing unit.

Present day[edit]

The Aqua scooter is still being used today, and it can get up to 5 mph and is distributed worldwide.


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