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Industry Computer software
Digital Publishing
Production & distribution of comics
Founder(s) Claudia Zimmer
Matthieu Kopp
Headquarters Montpellier, France
Area served Worldwide
Owner(s) Kobo Inc.

Aquafadas is a privately owned French software development company that offers applications in the field of digital publishing[1] for magazines, newspapers, book and comic[2] book publishers, agencies, and enterprises. The company also offers creative software[3] for Flash, HTML5,[4] photo, and video editing. Aquafadas runs AveComics,[5] a comic book store for digital comic books that can be consumed on computers, tablet[1] computers, and smartphones.[1] As of August 2011, Aquafadas’ products[3] are used by more than 50,000 uses worldwide.

Fields of business[edit]

Authoring software[3] and systems for digital publishing[6] of rich-design content on smartphones, tablet computers, and the Web. Desktop applications for Mac[3] and Microsoft[3] Windows. Production services and sales and distribution platform for digital publishing[1] of comic books on smartphones, tablet computers, desktop computers, and the Web.

Company history[edit]

Aquafadas was launched in 2004 in Montpellier, France, by Matthieu Kopp and Claudia Zimmer, with their first product, iDive.

Aquafadas’ name was inspired by Aqua, the name of Apple’s Mac OS X graphical user interface, and “fada”, which means muse - inspirational tutelary goddess of the arts - in Occitan language (a gallo-romanic language, spoken in southern parts of France). Aquafadas could be translated as "inspired by the Mac."

  • 2004: Creation of the first software, iDive.
  • 2006, Aquafadas was founded as a company and moved its offices to Cap Omega, a business incubator that has received the award for best global incubator of start-ups, awarded by the (National Business Incubation Association).[7]
  • 2012: Kobo acquires Aquafadas. The Canadian e-reading company Kobo, recently owned by the Japanese eCommerce giant Rakuten, acquired Aquafadas. The over 10 million Kobo users will soon get richer media content with Aquafadas' digital publishing system. Publishers that are clients of the French company, also benefit from this acquisition with an easier means to distribute content.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System[edit]

Authoring Tools

  • Adobe InDesign plugin allows users to design and create great content for different devices. Generate interactive apps and eBooks using the Aquafadas InDesign plugin to create an exceptional reader experience.
  • ComicComposer lets users create enriched digital comics with a range of interactive features such as guided reading or transition effects.
  • QuarkXPress also allows the creation of digital documents in AVE format.

Testing Tools

  • myKiosk (iOS & Android) app is used to view and test your interactive content once designed using one of the above authoring tools.

Application Tools

  • AVE AppFactory (iOS & Android) allows users to create apps for different devices without coding. Export content in AVE format into AVE AppFactory to create and brand apps.
  • SDK is a collection of native frameworks pre-compiled to reduce development time for apps and is available as an annual license.
  • Cloud Authoring is a simple and easy system for automatically converting PDFs into digital format.


  • MotionComposer (Mac & PC). Tool used to create HTML5 and Flash® animations that can be published to computer, smartphone and tablet.
  • BannerZest (Mac & PC). Popular authoring tool for creating banners using a range of existing themes. Adds movement to a static web page.
  • Pulpmotion (Mac). Used to create slideshows by dragging and dropping videos, pictures and music. PulpMotion has a wide variety of themes to choose from.
  • SnapFlow (Mac). The SnapFlow tool allows photos to be captured from videos. Navigate at frame level to create high quality images.
  • iDive (Mac). Tool to catalogue video files. Organize any video that is compatible with QuickTime and navigate easily through the files.
  • VideoPier (Mac). VideoPier accesses videos directly from a camcorder that are not compatible with QuickTime. The tool allows the export of videos to any format for viewing and editing.
  • Kidsmotion (Mac). Tool allows children to easily create animations based on themes by using their photos, videos and music.


  • 30th place at the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA[8] - 2011
  • 1st place at the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 France[8] - 2011 in "Software & Computer Services" sector
  • Red Herring[8] Top 100 Europe 2012 award finalist.
  • O'Reilly Mac Innovators Award[8] 2005, San Francisco.
  • MacGeneration[8] Trophy for the best integration of Apple technologies 2005, iDive.
  • Trophy for the best application MacGeneration[8] 2006, PulpMotion.
  • Target Grand Prix start-ups[8] (Start Up of the Year for the Languedoc-Roussillon in December 2006).
  • National competition for the creation of innovative businesses in category Building / Development[8] (Ministry of Research - OSEO Anvar).
  • Grand Prix Software Venture Capital[8] - Senate 2008 for Ave!Comics.
  • CNC (Centre National du Cinema and the moving image),[8] as part of the call for projects of the network RIAM (Research and Innovation in Audiovisual and Multimedia),[8] R&D program of 1 million Euros.
  • Research Program Book Digital 2.0,[8] base 1.6 million euros, OSEO Anvar.

Founders and management[edit]

  • Claudia Zimmer, President. Masters Degree in architecture.
  • Matthieu Kopp, Chief Technology Officer. Studied engineering at École centrale Paris. PhD in astrophysics.


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