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Arabesque Records is an American classical and jazz record label.

Arabesque began as a classical music subsidiary of the Caedmon company. In 1988, Marvin Reiss and Ward Botsford bought the company, turning it into an independent, and continued releasing classical until 1992, when it switched focuses to jazz under Daniel Chriss's supervision.[1] The label began recording classical music again under the Arabesque Recordings imprint in the 1990s. They are based in New York.



Year Artist Album
101 Handy, Craig Split Second Timing
102 Lundy, Carmen Moment To Moment
103 8 Bold Souls Sideshow
104 Braga, Leandro E Por Que Nao? (And Why Not?)
105 Hart, Billy Amethyst
106 Drummond, Ray Excursion
107 Bloom, Jane Ira Art And Aviation
108 String Trio Of New York Intermobility
109 Handy, Craig Introducing Three For All + One
110 Chapin, Thomas I've Got Your Number
111 Drummond, Ray Continuum
112 Farmer, Art & Tom Harrell Company I Keep, The
113 McPherson, Charles First Flight Out
114 8 Bold Souls Ant Farm
115 Chapin, Thomas You Don't Know Me
116 Finnerty, Barry Straight Ahead
117 McPherson, Charles Come Play With Me
118 Farmer, Art Meaning Of Art, The
119 Tapscott, Horace Aiee! The Phantom
120 Bloom, Jane Ira Nearness, The
121 Sullivan, Charles Kamau
122 Drummond, Ray Vignettes
123 Wilson, Bert Endless Fingers
124 Foster, Frank Leo Rising
125 Cary, Marc Listen
126 Douglas, Dave Tiny Bell Trio: Live in Europe
127 Jordan, Marlon Marlon's Mode
128 Tapscott, Horace Thoughts Of Dar es Salaam
129 Hart, Billy Oceans Of Time
130 Farmer, Art Silk Road
131 Monder, Ben Dust
132 Douglas, Dave Stargazer
133 Lost Tribe Many Lifetimes
134 McPherson, Charles Manhattan Nocturne
135 Wilkins, Jack Trio Art
136 Wilson, Adrienne She's Dangerous
137 Robinson, Justin Challenge, The
138 Zimmerli, Patrick Twelve Sacred Dances
139 Douglas, Dave Magic Triangle
140 Cary, Marc Antidote, The
141 Drummond, Ray 1-2-3-4
142 Melford, Myra Above Blue
143 Hedman, Norman One Step Closer
144 Bloom, Jane Ira Red Quartets, The
145 Douglas, Dave Leap Of Faith
146 Nash, Ted Rhyme & Reason
147 Melford, Myra Dance Beyond The Color
148 Monder, Ben Excavation
149 Sanabria, Bobby Live & In Clave!![2]
151 McCaslin, Donny Seen From Above
152 Colley, Scott Magic Line, The
153 Malaby, Tony Sabino
154 Melford, Myra & Marty Ehrlich Yet Can Spring
155 Bloom, Jane Ira Sometimes The Magic
156 Nash, Ted Sidewalk Meeting
157 Ruiz, Hilton Enchantment
158 Bloom, Jane Ira Chasing Paint
159 Melford, Myra Where The Two Worlds Touch
160 McCaslin, Donny Way Through, The
164 O'Gallagher, John Abacus
166 Abbasi, Rez Snake Charmer
180 Wiest, Steve, Big Band Excalibur
189 Wiest, Steve Out of the New

Classical (early issues)[edit]

  • Schubert and Schnabel – An Historical Recording, Volume IV., Therese Behr (1987)

Classical (later issues)[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

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