Arabs in Serbia

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Arabs in Serbia
Арапи у Србији
Regions with significant populations
Arabic, Serbian
Islam and Christianity
Related ethnic groups
see Arab diaspora

Arabs in Serbia (Serbian: Арапи у Србији) are mostly expatriates from a range of Arab countries, particularly Lebanon, Syria, the Palestinian Territories, Iraq, and Jordan; and also small groups from Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Sudan. Lebanese and Syrian citizens were the first Arabs to arrive in modern Serbia. As a result of the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War, many have the status of refugees or illegal immigrants, trying to immigrate to Western Europe.

Iraqi citizens[edit]

Most of the Iraqis in Serbia are educated people, and they view Serbia as a "friendly and brotherly" country.[1]

Syrian citizens[edit]

By the first half of 2013, 432 citizens of Syria had requested asylum in Serbia.[2]


Community members adhere to Islam (see also Islam in Serbia) and Eastern Christianity.


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