Araceli González

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Araceli Gonzalez
Born (1967-06-19) June 19, 1967 (age 47)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation actress, model, TV show hostess
Years active 1982-present
Children Florencia Torrente (b. 1988, with Rubén Torrente) Tomás Kirzner (b. 1998, with Adrián Suar)
Awards (1995) Martín Fierro award- Best actress

Araceli González (Spanish pronunciation: [aɾaˈseli ɣonˈsales]; born June 19, 1967 in Buenos Aires, as Araceli Edith González) is an Argentinian actress, fashion model and TV host.

Gonzalez began performing arts at a young age, after winning a dance tournament at the theater "el Globo Rojo" in the Buenos Aires area, eventually at only 9 years old she was invited by the Cohen Agency to participate in commercial productions. By the time she became a teenager, her career was starting to take course into the fashion industry, becoming the face of many fashion products and walking at many fashion shows in Argentina and Europe. She became very well known after her campaign with "Caro Coure". Aracelli's classic looks and spectacular figure, were linked to various trade marks around the world during the late 1980s and '90s. In addition, she took part in many films and theater productions, given her the chance to perform her acting skills.

Private life[edit]

Araceli, who married at age 20 to actor Rubén Torrente in 1988, had already given birth to her first child, a daughter, Florencia Torrente, early that year; her marriage lasted until 1991. She also has a son Tomás Kirzner, from her marriage to Adrián Suar whom she married in 1996. They divorced in 2002. She has been married to present husband Fabián Mazzei, since 2008.

Marriages and children[edit]

  1. Rubén Torrente (1988–1991), they had a daughter: Florencia Torrente (1988)
  2. Adrián Suar (1996–2002), they had a son: Tomás Kirzner (1998)
  3. Fabián Mazzei (2008–present)

After becoming well known as a model, she found work as an actress in Europe, and later returned to Argentina. She now plays Gabriela Solís in Amas de Casa Desesperadas.

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