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Arahal is a municipality in Seville, Spain. It is situated 117 meters above sea level and is southeast of Seville. It had a population of 19,150 in 2008.


The city was founded before the Roman Empire, and during Roman rule it had the name of Calúcula. On 22 July 1248, Fernando III conquered the city, which served to be a strategic point in conquering the nearby city of Morón de la Frontera two days later.


There are several monuments in Arahal, including:

  • Nta.Sra. de la Victoria.
  • Vera-Cruz.
  • Convento de Nta.Sra. del Rosario.
  • San Roque.
  • Santo Cristo de la Misericordia.
  • Santa María Magdalena. It is in the Neoclassical style and is the oldest temple in Arahal.
  • Ermita de San Antonio.

Coordinates: 37°16′N 5°33′W / 37.267°N 5.550°W / 37.267; -5.550