Araijuku Station

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Araijuku Station
No. 2 entrance, November 2007
Prefecture Saitama
(See other stations in Saitama)
City Kawaguchi
Neighborhood etc. 15-3 Araijuku
Postal code 333-0826
(in Japanese) 埼玉県川口市大字新井宿15-3
Year opened 2001
Rail services
Station number(s)     
Operator(s) Saitama Railway Corporation
Line(s) Saitama Rapid Railway Line
Statistics 4,515 passengers/day (FY2011)
Aiga bus inv.svg There is a bus stop near this station

Araijuku Station (新井宿駅 Araijuku-eki?) is a railway station on the Saitama Rapid Railway Line in Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan, operated by the third sector railway operator Saitama Railway Corporation.


Araijuku Station is served by the 14.6 km Saitama Rapid Railway Line, which extends from Akabane-iwabuchi in Kita, Tokyo to Urawa-Misono in Midori-ku, Saitama, and lies 7.5 km from the starting point of the line at Akabane-iwabuchi.[1] The majority of services on the line continue southward onto the Tokyo Metro Namboku Line to Meguro and on the Tokyu Meguro Line to Hiyoshi in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Station layout[edit]

The station has an underground island platform serving two tracks. The platforms are equipped with waist-height platform edge doors.


The platforms, November 2007
1 Saitama Rapid Railway Line for Higashi-Kawaguchi and Urawa-Misono
2 Saitama Rapid Railway Line for Akabane-iwabuchi
Subway TokyoNamboku.png Tokyo Metro Namboku Line for Meguro
Tokyu Meguro Line for Hiyoshi

Facilities and accessibility[edit]

The station concourse and platforms have elevator access. Universal access toilets are available on the concourse level.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Saitama Rapid Railway Line
Hatogaya - Tozuka-angyō


Araijuku Station opened on 28 March 2001 with the opening of the Saitama Rapid Railway Line.[1]

Passenger statistics[edit]

In fiscal 2011, the station was used by an average of 4,515 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[1]

Surrounding area[edit]

  • National Route 122
  • Kawaguchi Municipal Medical Center
  • Saitama Prefectural Kawaguchi High School
  • Saitama Prefectural Hatogaya High School

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