Arakamchechen Island

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Arakamchechen Island.
Location of Arakamchechen Island.

Arakamchechen Island is an island in the Bering Sea. It lies north of Cape Chaplino, close to the coast of Chukotka. It is separated from the continental shore by an 8 km wide sound. This island is inhabited; the main settlement is Yanrakynnot village.

Arakamchechen Island is 32 km long and has a maximum width of 21 km. It has a mountainous interior. South of it lies Yttygran Island. There is a 5 km wide sound between the two islands. Many walruses live in rookeries in the shores of this island.[1]

Nowadays this island is popular with tourists who come to enjoy the wildlife.[2]


Arakamchechen Island (above the center of the photo) and the smaller Yttygran Island (left of center). A tiny island to the south of Arakamchechen is Nuneangan Island.

Administratively Arakamchechen Island belongs to the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation.


Coordinates: 64°45′24″N 172°23′11″W / 64.75667°N 172.38639°W / 64.75667; -172.38639